Episode 3 Website Development


How to Create and Brand Your Website to Be a Million Dollar Funnel Machine

There are a lot of ways to create a million dollar website. Many people are reportedly eBay millionaires. Majority of them make a full time living. Creating a website like Facebook or Pinterest make you a billionaire. Read on to know how exactly to create a million dollar website, so it’s actually a highly converting funnel.

eCommerce websites, however, don’t take time, effort or even skill set, unlike the complexity of brick or mortar businesses; they are limited only by your imagination. Also, online tools facilitate turning an eCommerce site into an income producing asset easily.

The instructions of Mind Map:

  • The left side shows everything that you need to set up.
  • The right side shows every available marketing method. All the things listed on the left side must be done, but just a handful of the right side marketing methods may be sufficient.

Niche and keyword research

  • This has to be something highly attractive, or something that solves a pain or problem.
  • Needs, however, do not sell as expected, unless you are Walmart.
  • It needs to be something in demand. Riding waves is easier than creating them.
  • Pro Tip – You can make use of SEMRush.com for keyword research. If you are willing to make a lot of money, search for products with over 10,000 searches per month.
  • Thereafter, make use of DomainHole when you are done researching, to see what cool URL ideas are available.

“Under the Hood Stuff”

  • Purchase a basic hosting package from a Hosting website. There are tons of them out there; search for “hosting websites” on Google, check a couple of them out and pick any one of your choice. Tip – Make sure you pick one that has a lot of tools and easy execution of SSL certificates.
  • Create your website using WordPress. It’s very easy to use for newbies, and it has a lot of wonderful widgets, plugins, as well as functionality available.

There are tons of CRM Options

You need a way to manage your contacts, send emails to them, give them a call, and send or refund orders, and so on. With these 3 options we are going to show you, you can pick any depending on your budget.

The first Option:

  • CRM Limelightcrm. This costs $800/month.
  • Auto-responder iContact or Aweber or MailChimp (price differs depending on the size of list).
  • Affiliate software HasOffers.com costs $297 per month plus.

The second Option:

Infusionsoft complete solution – This includes a shopping cart, affiliate program, as well as email marketing. A lot of people love it and use it for their website. However, it’s nicknamed “Confusionsoft” for a reason. You have to be ready to spend money on a developer to dial it in for you. It costs $300 per month, pretty reasonable, isn’t it?

The third Option:

  • Make use of WordPress Plugins for shopping cart.
  • iContact, Aweber or MailChimp for email.
  • And finally, WordPress Plugins for affiliate management.

Other tips include:

Designing a sales funnel

In reality, sales is a process, and often the same sales funnel that works just fine offline is going to work online too, so one easy way to create a sales funnel online is to ask yourself how the product would be sold offline. Asking yourself the following questions is essential:

  • What problem does your product solve?
  • Does your product solve any problem?
  • Are people searching for your product?
  • Does your product offer any benefit at all?
  • What questions and concerns have to be answered and overcome before a person buys?
  • Before someone purchases your product, what questions and concerns have to be answered and overcome?
  • How exactly does your product compare to the competition? Perhaps, in quality? In price? In upgrades or add-ons?

If you are able to answer those questions, then you will certainly improve your sales funnel, sell more stuff and make more a huge amount of money.

Website Design

Website design can be done inexpensively, as there are many website designers out there. When you have finally found a graphic designer to help you with your website design, you need to find example websites to show him. Besides, he’s a human, and he can’t read minds. The more you show him, the higher the odds of success. In addition, describe your niche or market to the graphic designer. If 80% of your buyers are women, your website should look different than if 80% are men. Provide a budget and deadline for the work; don’t leave it open-ended. $500 goes a long way nowadays.

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