We walk through website design, development, and need to do’s. Websites are the marketing business card of the modern age. It is the bridge between your brand and your customers. You should have your messaging dialed in and speaking to your core audience. Marketing funnel breakdown focuses on not just the aesthetic side of the website build but the functional side.

The most important parts of a website are the functional use along with the story you are telling your users. When the two parts of a website are in sync, the results are powerful for sales and conversions.

We offer a unique perspective on marketing and storytelling (Content Marketing) to website design, development, and use.

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Episode 5: Lead Capture

How to Set Up Your Funnel & Website for 10x More Conversions Online

There are a few key things to consider when creating a lead capture page. You shouldn’t use your company or yourself when creating a lead capture page. It is created for you to collect information that builds your list. You want to capture their phone number, email, and name so that the information is added to your autoresponder list. If you’re not using an autoresponder, you need to get one because you an autoresponder helps your business in numerous ways. Everyone should use one to maximize his or her conversion rate. That’s a whole other article in itself.

Always keep in mind when creating a lead capture page that you are providing a solution to your visitor’s problem. You want to write your lead capture from your visitor’s perspective. Ask yourself, “If I saw this, would I offer up my info for what’s inside?” Remember, they are looking for a solution to their problem. They need to know that by providing their information they will receive your solution. There are 5 components to every impressive lead capture page. They have been tried and tested and provide your best chance at getting the lead.


Start your lead capture page with a question that is in direct line with the actual headline. This is an effective way to grab your visitor’s attention.


The headline is what keeps your visitor on the page by creating curiosity. It is very important to have something appealing. It doesn’t have to be long. You just want to present a problem to them that you have a solution for. Remember, they get that solution when they opt-in to your lead capture page. Usually, the famous “How to” is always a splendid way to start your headline. Your visitor will know exactly what they will get from filling out the form.


“You’re About To Learn “How To”…” (Tell them exactly what they are going to get… people need direction)

Body (this is used if you are creating a longer lead capture page)

It basically summarizes what some, not all, of the things they will receive on the other side of the lead capture page. It lets them know the benefits they will receive for providing their information to you.


Inside you will learn…

  • Benefit 1
  • Benefit 2
  • How to use “Benefit 3?
  • How to use “Benefit 4?

You want your body to look nice and clean. Use a slighter font, then your headline and put the benefits in a bulleted form. You don’t want to steal attention away from the main headline. Keep it simple.

Capture Form (Opt-in Box)

Remind your visitors of the benefits they will receive from you after they fill out the capture form. It is an absolute must to ask for a valid email address and first name. Asking for too much information, like phone number or address, will lead to a lower conversion rate. Notify them that they need to use a valid email address because that is where their information will be sent.

Call to Action

The call to action should lure the reader to take direct action, such as requesting additional information. Use something catchy like “Get FREE Instant Access” or “Yes! I Want The FREE Secrets Now!” It is of utmost importance to have a strong call to action. The visitor needs to make an immediate decision. Make it simple and direct. Tell them what to do to receive what you are offering.


By simply filling your name and email address into this form, you will get Immediate Access to… XYZ.

A privacy statement should be at the end of your lead capture page. You want to let the person know that they are not going to be spammed and that their personal information will not be sold or rented. This allows you to build trust while also presenting your professionalism.

You now have the tools to create an explosive lead capture page. Apply this knowledge to get dynamic results for capturing your visitor’s information. This will allow you to brand yourself as a leader by providing them with valuable information until they buy from you.

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Episode 7: Email Marketing Set Up

Episode 4: Creating Massive Website Conversions

What to include in your website to generate massive lead conversions!

The capture of web traffic is one of the pillars of online marketing since it is assumed that the higher the volume of visitors to a website, the greater its profitability. However, the most convenient measure to analyze the profitability of your online business is the conversion rate; traffic and conversions work together. A conversion occurs when the user of a web page performs the action for which the page in question was designed.

It can be a purchase, the subscription to a newsletter or the registration of your email. The definition of what a conversion is will depend on the objectives for which the site was created. Below are the things you should include in your website to generate massive traffic and massive conversions online.

Remove all the elements that hinder the conversion

In general, the smaller the element number competing for visitor attention, the more likely the conversion will occur. For example, in the purchase forms, you eliminate all those fields that are not strictly essential and are not useful. Is the “eye color” of your user important?

Another element that you should avoid to the extent of your possibilities is the use of advertising as they cause a loss of attention and a flight of traffic to third-party sites. Would not it be better practice to replace these spaces with a banner or own calls to action, which direct traffic to the landing page prepared for the conversion of our products?

Decrease page loading time

According to a recent study conducted by KISSmetrics, a second delay in loading time may result in a 7% reduction in the number of traffic and conversions. Still, do not convince you of the need to do it? Well, the speed of loading has been recognized by Google, as one of the SEO factors that influence the ordering and positioning of search results.

Use your Web Analytics tool

The information provided by your Web Analytics tool is a vein that will help you improve your conversions and make better business decisions. With this and a bit of common sense, you can identify those pages that need improvement. For example, try to cross the conversion rate with the bounce rate or locate leak points in your conversion funnel, seeing which of the pages that compose it has the highest percentage of output.

Customize your landing page

Create specific landing pages for each campaign and direct them directly to the product card for which it was designed. If you have spent money to promote a certain product, why direct the traffic originated by this campaign towards home? Also think that if you do not, you will be defrauding the expectations of your potential clients and possibly they will leave the page without taking any action.

Create eye-catching “call to action” buttons

Do not hide the purchase button. Use your Web Analytics tool to discover which sectors of your page where you click the most. This data can be easily discovered through heat maps. It also uses the contrast of colors to enhance its visibility. For the same reason, it’s a good idea to isolate them from the text.

We hope these tips will be useful to generate more traffic to your website and improve your conversion rate. In any case, these are only a sample of the improvements that can be carried out in this field.

Episode 3 Website Development


How to Create and Brand Your Website to Be a Million Dollar Funnel Machine

There are a lot of ways to create a million dollar website. Many people are reportedly eBay millionaires. Majority of them make a full time living. Creating a website like Facebook or Pinterest make you a billionaire. Read on to know how exactly to create a million dollar website, so it’s actually a highly converting funnel.

eCommerce websites, however, don’t take time, effort or even skill set, unlike the complexity of brick or mortar businesses; they are limited only by your imagination. Also, online tools facilitate turning an eCommerce site into an income producing asset easily.

The instructions of Mind Map:

  • The left side shows everything that you need to set up.
  • The right side shows every available marketing method. All the things listed on the left side must be done, but just a handful of the right side marketing methods may be sufficient.

Niche and keyword research

  • This has to be something highly attractive, or something that solves a pain or problem.
  • Needs, however, do not sell as expected, unless you are Walmart.
  • It needs to be something in demand. Riding waves is easier than creating them.
  • Pro Tip – You can make use of for keyword research. If you are willing to make a lot of money, search for products with over 10,000 searches per month.
  • Thereafter, make use of DomainHole when you are done researching, to see what cool URL ideas are available.

“Under the Hood Stuff”

  • Purchase a basic hosting package from a Hosting website. There are tons of them out there; search for “hosting websites” on Google, check a couple of them out and pick any one of your choice. Tip – Make sure you pick one that has a lot of tools and easy execution of SSL certificates.
  • Create your website using WordPress. It’s very easy to use for newbies, and it has a lot of wonderful widgets, plugins, as well as functionality available.

There are tons of CRM Options

You need a way to manage your contacts, send emails to them, give them a call, and send or refund orders, and so on. With these 3 options we are going to show you, you can pick any depending on your budget.

The first Option:

  • CRM Limelightcrm. This costs $800/month.
  • Auto-responder iContact or Aweber or MailChimp (price differs depending on the size of list).
  • Affiliate software costs $297 per month plus.

The second Option:

Infusionsoft complete solution – This includes a shopping cart, affiliate program, as well as email marketing. A lot of people love it and use it for their website. However, it’s nicknamed “Confusionsoft” for a reason. You have to be ready to spend money on a developer to dial it in for you. It costs $300 per month, pretty reasonable, isn’t it?

The third Option:

  • Make use of WordPress Plugins for shopping cart.
  • iContact, Aweber or MailChimp for email.
  • And finally, WordPress Plugins for affiliate management.

Other tips include:

Designing a sales funnel

In reality, sales is a process, and often the same sales funnel that works just fine offline is going to work online too, so one easy way to create a sales funnel online is to ask yourself how the product would be sold offline. Asking yourself the following questions is essential:

  • What problem does your product solve?
  • Does your product solve any problem?
  • Are people searching for your product?
  • Does your product offer any benefit at all?
  • What questions and concerns have to be answered and overcome before a person buys?
  • Before someone purchases your product, what questions and concerns have to be answered and overcome?
  • How exactly does your product compare to the competition? Perhaps, in quality? In price? In upgrades or add-ons?

If you are able to answer those questions, then you will certainly improve your sales funnel, sell more stuff and make more a huge amount of money.

Website Design

Website design can be done inexpensively, as there are many website designers out there. When you have finally found a graphic designer to help you with your website design, you need to find example websites to show him. Besides, he’s a human, and he can’t read minds. The more you show him, the higher the odds of success. In addition, describe your niche or market to the graphic designer. If 80% of your buyers are women, your website should look different than if 80% are men. Provide a budget and deadline for the work; don’t leave it open-ended. $500 goes a long way nowadays.

Episode 2: The #1 Tool for business that Will Change Your Life FOR GOOD.

Episode 2: The #1 Tool that will change your online business and your life FOR GOOD.  Words Sell, People Relate, Stories Convert.

This #1 tool for business growth has changed our businesses and that of our clients to help them generate massive traffic with MUCH LESS STRESS. This step in the business development process is often skipped and it’s literally THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP when starting a business, creating a new product, program or service.

Get the inside scoop on how to hit a perfectly targeted audience to serve their needs best and sell more of your products & services!

Bringing your online business to reality can be a real challenge, but thanks to free tools, many tasks that are faced every day have been simplified, and part of the challenges of the entrepreneur can be made more easily. There are hundreds of free tools that facilitate the management of an online business; it is only a matter of knowing your needs and finding applications that help you cover them, but above all that helps boost the productivity of your online business. In the following article, we analyze free tools that will help you optimize time and effort. They will also make you feel that you are in control of your digital brand and your perfect audience. Come on and take note!


Another recording option for online businesses. It is an audio and video recording program for Skype adapted for Windows 7, 8 and 10. The free version allows you to manage and record conversations for up to 15 minutes, recording chats, as well as using a local answering machine. It is very well valued!


Nowadays, the video format can attract many customers in a certain niche market to an online business. With this application, you can create videos and animated presentations for websites, for product demos, for explanations, or also to make social videos. Today more than ever, video is a format with a lot of hitches, so the opportunity that this tool offers to boost sales or promotions is enormous.


The easiest way to learn how to design. It was the first application to create amazing visual designs designed for entrepreneurs and small online businesses. Its templates include book covers, flyers, banners, presentations, personal cards, gift certificates, posters, infographics, magazine covers, social media graphics, CD covers, and more. You can add elements, edit texts, use custom dimensions, etc.


Knowing the weight that visual elements have for an online business, it would be a sin not to use this sensational tool that allows you to create infographics with thousands of templates and objects to personalize and share your ideas. It has a very intuitive interface, and therefore, it is very easy to create designs by dragging the different elements.

Tomato Timer

A great tool to manage time and increase productivity. It is about maintaining the highest degree of concentration to achieve a number of tasks in a time limit. The method consists of working for 25 minutes without distractions (1 Pomodoro) and once finished; you will have 5 minutes to rest. After 4 podomoros (100 minutes), you will have 15 minutes of relaxation to walk, drink water, etc.


A list of things to do synchronized in real time in the cloud, this way you can have access to all the updated tasks from any device or computer. You can create different projects such as personnel, purchases, work, messages and movies to see and include filters such as priority level and expiration date. It has applications for iOS and Android.


With this application, you can know the number of times a URL has been shared on the main social networks like Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest and Gooogle +. In this way, an online business can obtain important metrics related to the degree of engagement. Twitter stopped sharing the data with SharedCount last November, but even so, it shows a very useful dashboard of Facebook likes, Facebook Shares, Facebook Comments, and the total shared posts.

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Episode 1: Website Optimization: Laying Foundation for Creating High Converting Sales Funnels without Going Broke First


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