Episode 8: Email Marketing Nurture

Why Email Marketing is the Most Valuable Tool in Your Business and how to Segment and Sequence Your List to Create Massive Community Engagement

The email marketing is no longer the unknown and complex concept aimed at large qualified companies. Email marketing is, today, the main jewel in the crown of current Digital Marketing campaigns; large, medium, small businesses, online stores, blogs, forums. Much of the success that the projects or businesses reap annually is based on an optimal mailing campaign. The email marketing is a digital marketing strategy aimed at sending emails to users, customers and suppliers translating them relevant information, offers, discounts, ideas, etc.

Why via Email? Because despite the progress of technologies, emails are read and consulted by millions of users every day. As simple and complex as making an attractive subject, it is enough for the user to read your email and with it the information you want to offer. The main factors that you promote when developing a proper email marketing campaign are the following:

  • Customer relationship. The relationship with users improves, strengthening the links generating trust and visibility of our brand.
  • Loyalty and Monitoring. The periodic updated and useful information contributes, with the passage of time, the loyalty of your brand adding subscribers and potential clients.
  • The presence of your brand, services, products, is present at all times, making you a real option for the user.

Email marketing has everything, not only is it economical, but it is also very effective. It is much more effective than social networks. Therefore, it is the best tool since it provides a very high ROI. Do not forget that for this, you must have a good strategy well defined. You must try to open the vast majority of your mail, which is why it is so important to have your database worked on, keep it up to date, make periodic cleanings and get to know your users as much as possible. Quality is much more important than quantity, do not forget it.

How to Segment Your list to Create Massive Community Engagement

Surely you’ve heard about segmenting your subscriber list is vital to your email marketing strategy. The question is: How do you segment your list? Below are ways to do so:


Knowing where your contacts live can be very powerful information. For example, if your business is a physical store, it does not make much sense to send offers to people who do not reside in your city. Or if you have a franchise, it is better to segment your lists by zip code. This way, you will make sure that you are not trespassing on another person’s territory, or send advertising to a region where your organization still does not offer any kind of service.


Anyone of any age can access the Internet today. Which means you can send an email to a college student, a retiree, or even a small child. Segment by age is very useful to eliminate those people who are not among your target audience or to adjust the type of message you want to convey.


Just as you communicate differently with a retiree than with a college student, you can also adjust your words and offers according to the gender of your recipients. If you hаvе a wide rаngе of products, уоu can ѕеgmеnt уоur list in thіѕ wау аnd reinforce it with other demographic аnd рѕусhоgrарhіс details аѕ wеll.

Type of organization

Are your customers franchises? Non-profit organizations? E-commerce? SMEs? All of them have different needs, and as such, the contents of your emails must be different.


If you are selling your products or services to other businesses, these may belong to different industries. Knowing the industry of your potential clients will allow you to add another level of personalization to your email marketing campaigns.

Frequency of purchase

Segment your email list based on how often someone makes a purchase. Not only can you try to increase this frequency, but you can also reward frequent buyers with an invitation to your loyalty program.

Customers who refer other customers

Consider creating a segment on your email list with customers who repeatedly refer other customers to your business. These are the main defenders of your brand and should receive emails with information about loyalty programs, discounts for referring a friend, and even samples of new products on which you want to receive feedback.

All these segmentation options have a common goal, to adapt your messages according to the type of target customer you want to reach. This way your email marketing campaigns will be much more effective, and your effort will have been worth it.

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