Episode 5: Lead Capture

How to Set Up Your Funnel & Website for 10x More Conversions Online

There are a few key things to consider when creating a lead capture page. You shouldn’t use your company or yourself when creating a lead capture page. It is created for you to collect information that builds your list. You want to capture their phone number, email, and name so that the information is added to your autoresponder list. If you’re not using an autoresponder, you need to get one because you an autoresponder helps your business in numerous ways. Everyone should use one to maximize his or her conversion rate. That’s a whole other article in itself.

Always keep in mind when creating a lead capture page that you are providing a solution to your visitor’s problem. You want to write your lead capture from your visitor’s perspective. Ask yourself, “If I saw this, would I offer up my info for what’s inside?” Remember, they are looking for a solution to their problem. They need to know that by providing their information they will receive your solution. There are 5 components to every impressive lead capture page. They have been tried and tested and provide your best chance at getting the lead.


Start your lead capture page with a question that is in direct line with the actual headline. This is an effective way to grab your visitor’s attention.


The headline is what keeps your visitor on the page by creating curiosity. It is very important to have something appealing. It doesn’t have to be long. You just want to present a problem to them that you have a solution for. Remember, they get that solution when they opt-in to your lead capture page. Usually, the famous “How to” is always a splendid way to start your headline. Your visitor will know exactly what they will get from filling out the form.


“You’re About To Learn “How To”…” (Tell them exactly what they are going to get… people need direction)

Body (this is used if you are creating a longer lead capture page)

It basically summarizes what some, not all, of the things they will receive on the other side of the lead capture page. It lets them know the benefits they will receive for providing their information to you.


Inside you will learn…

  • Benefit 1
  • Benefit 2
  • How to use “Benefit 3?
  • How to use “Benefit 4?

You want your body to look nice and clean. Use a slighter font, then your headline and put the benefits in a bulleted form. You don’t want to steal attention away from the main headline. Keep it simple.

Capture Form (Opt-in Box)

Remind your visitors of the benefits they will receive from you after they fill out the capture form. It is an absolute must to ask for a valid email address and first name. Asking for too much information, like phone number or address, will lead to a lower conversion rate. Notify them that they need to use a valid email address because that is where their information will be sent.

Call to Action

The call to action should lure the reader to take direct action, such as requesting additional information. Use something catchy like “Get FREE Instant Access” or “Yes! I Want The FREE Secrets Now!” It is of utmost importance to have a strong call to action. The visitor needs to make an immediate decision. Make it simple and direct. Tell them what to do to receive what you are offering.


By simply filling your name and email address into this form, you will get Immediate Access to… XYZ.

A privacy statement should be at the end of your lead capture page. You want to let the person know that they are not going to be spammed and that their personal information will not be sold or rented. This allows you to build trust while also presenting your professionalism.

You now have the tools to create an explosive lead capture page. Apply this knowledge to get dynamic results for capturing your visitor’s information. This will allow you to brand yourself as a leader by providing them with valuable information until they buy from you.

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