Episode 4: Creating Massive Website Conversions

What to include in your website to generate massive lead conversions!

The capture of web traffic is one of the pillars of online marketing since it is assumed that the higher the volume of visitors to a website, the greater its profitability. However, the most convenient measure to analyze the profitability of your online business is the conversion rate; traffic and conversions work together. A conversion occurs when the user of a web page performs the action for which the page in question was designed.

It can be a purchase, the subscription to a newsletter or the registration of your email. The definition of what a conversion is will depend on the objectives for which the site was created. Below are the things you should include in your website to generate massive traffic and massive conversions online.

Remove all the elements that hinder the conversion

In general, the smaller the element number competing for visitor attention, the more likely the conversion will occur. For example, in the purchase forms, you eliminate all those fields that are not strictly essential and are not useful. Is the “eye color” of your user important?

Another element that you should avoid to the extent of your possibilities is the use of advertising as they cause a loss of attention and a flight of traffic to third-party sites. Would not it be better practice to replace these spaces with a banner or own calls to action, which direct traffic to the landing page prepared for the conversion of our products?

Decrease page loading time

According to a recent study conducted by KISSmetrics, a second delay in loading time may result in a 7% reduction in the number of traffic and conversions. Still, do not convince you of the need to do it? Well, the speed of loading has been recognized by Google, as one of the SEO factors that influence the ordering and positioning of search results.

Use your Web Analytics tool

The information provided by your Web Analytics tool is a vein that will help you improve your conversions and make better business decisions. With this and a bit of common sense, you can identify those pages that need improvement. For example, try to cross the conversion rate with the bounce rate or locate leak points in your conversion funnel, seeing which of the pages that compose it has the highest percentage of output.

Customize your landing page

Create specific landing pages for each campaign and direct them directly to the product card for which it was designed. If you have spent money to promote a certain product, why direct the traffic originated by this campaign towards home? Also think that if you do not, you will be defrauding the expectations of your potential clients and possibly they will leave the page without taking any action.

Create eye-catching “call to action” buttons

Do not hide the purchase button. Use your Web Analytics tool to discover which sectors of your page where you click the most. This data can be easily discovered through heat maps. It also uses the contrast of colors to enhance its visibility. For the same reason, it’s a good idea to isolate them from the text.

We hope these tips will be useful to generate more traffic to your website and improve your conversion rate. In any case, these are only a sample of the improvements that can be carried out in this field.

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