Episode 10: Bulk Content Creation

How to Create Massive Amounts of Content 10x Faster So You can Focus on Marketing

It is not uncommon to see on the internet corporate blogs that are no longer powered for months. In question, most often: the lack of time. Creating content is indeed a particularly time-consuming task: you have to find an article subject, research the issue, write the content, find an illustration, optimize it for SEO, and put it online. Cumulative, all these steps easily take several hours and make the creation of content very tedious. To make your site live and attract audiences, you need to create content. How can you create more content simply and effectively, and still focus on marketing you say? Nothing simpler, here’s how to do so.

Have a list of topics always ready and available

Knowing what to write is a recurring problem for anyone who feeds a business blog. Often, we swarm of ideas the first months, but over time, it seems to have gone around the subject, and we find ourselves faced with a big failure of inspiration. Having a list of blog post topics at your fingertips means you do not have to worry about unnecessary questions and start writing immediately after you’ve decided: just pick an article idea from the list to get started. If you operate with editorial planning, this list will also allow you to feed it very easily. Just put a date in front of each idea to know what to write and when. By evacuating these two questions, you will then be much more effective.

Find out what to say in your article

Finding an article topic is a good start, but knowing what to say on this topic is another problem! Do you not have time to dig your head? Here are two ideas that will allow you to write an article plan and identify smart things to say about a topic at great V speed. The simplest solution is to have others work for you by asking your question on an expert forum. If you choose one that has a lot of active members in a few hours, you should get some tips for writing your article. This method is, however, to use in moderation (or with many different nicks!) To avoid being spotted by other members. It works particularly well in American forums, where the experts themselves are often asked to be questioned to show that they are pros.

Optimize the drafting process

Well, at this point you have an article topic and things to talk about. All you have to do is tap on your computer keyboard to see your article take shape. Again, some simple tips will save you time. In addition, make use of content templates. It’s difficult to write content when you do not know what its final version should look like. This is why it is important to draft upstream a precise editorial charter, which frames the process and even includes, if possible, content templates to use for your blog. For example, you can juggle 2 or 3 templates that correspond to different article formats (lists, “How to,” etc.) and guide your approach.

Fine-tune the content after writing

Did you put the endpoint on your first throw? Perfect! You will now be able to refine everything in efficient mode, that is to say:

Reworking the form

No need to write Moliere, the key is to make you understand. Moreover, a simple and casual tone is easier and more pleasant to read than a doctoral tone. During the proofreading of your article, you can be satisfied with:

  • Correct slightly flawed formulations and spelling mistakes,
  • Find synonyms to avoid possible repetitions (think to use Google).
  • It should not take you more than 5 minutes for short articles, a maximum of fifteen for long ones.

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