Episode 2: The #1 Tool for business that Will Change Your Life FOR GOOD.

Episode 2: The #1 Tool that will change your online business and your life FOR GOOD.  Words Sell, People Relate, Stories Convert.

This #1 tool for business growth has changed our businesses and that of our clients to help them generate massive traffic with MUCH LESS STRESS. This step in the business development process is often skipped and it’s literally THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP when starting a business, creating a new product, program or service.

Get the inside scoop on how to hit a perfectly targeted audience to serve their needs best and sell more of your products & services!

Bringing your online business to reality can be a real challenge, but thanks to free tools, many tasks that are faced every day have been simplified, and part of the challenges of the entrepreneur can be made more easily. There are hundreds of free tools that facilitate the management of an online business; it is only a matter of knowing your needs and finding applications that help you cover them, but above all that helps boost the productivity of your online business. In the following article, we analyze free tools that will help you optimize time and effort. They will also make you feel that you are in control of your digital brand and your perfect audience. Come on and take note!


Another recording option for online businesses. It is an audio and video recording program for Skype adapted for Windows 7, 8 and 10. The free version allows you to manage and record conversations for up to 15 minutes, recording chats, as well as using a local answering machine. It is very well valued!


Nowadays, the video format can attract many customers in a certain niche market to an online business. With this application, you can create videos and animated presentations for websites, for product demos, for explanations, or also to make social videos. Today more than ever, video is a format with a lot of hitches, so the opportunity that this tool offers to boost sales or promotions is enormous.


The easiest way to learn how to design. It was the first application to create amazing visual designs designed for entrepreneurs and small online businesses. Its templates include book covers, flyers, banners, presentations, personal cards, gift certificates, posters, infographics, magazine covers, social media graphics, CD covers, and more. You can add elements, edit texts, use custom dimensions, etc.


Knowing the weight that visual elements have for an online business, it would be a sin not to use this sensational tool that allows you to create infographics with thousands of templates and objects to personalize and share your ideas. It has a very intuitive interface, and therefore, it is very easy to create designs by dragging the different elements.

Tomato Timer

A great tool to manage time and increase productivity. It is about maintaining the highest degree of concentration to achieve a number of tasks in a time limit. The method consists of working for 25 minutes without distractions (1 Pomodoro) and once finished; you will have 5 minutes to rest. After 4 podomoros (100 minutes), you will have 15 minutes of relaxation to walk, drink water, etc.


A list of things to do synchronized in real time in the cloud, this way you can have access to all the updated tasks from any device or computer. You can create different projects such as personnel, purchases, work, messages and movies to see and include filters such as priority level and expiration date. It has applications for iOS and Android.


With this application, you can know the number of times a URL has been shared on the main social networks like Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest and Gooogle +. In this way, an online business can obtain important metrics related to the degree of engagement. Twitter stopped sharing the data with SharedCount last November, but even so, it shows a very useful dashboard of Facebook likes, Facebook Shares, Facebook Comments, and the total shared posts.

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