Episode 1: Website Optimization: Laying Foundation for Creating High Converting Sales Funnels without Going Broke First

WEBSITE OPTIMIZATION Get the MOST powerful website hosting, design, branding strategies and start to your funnel through website design. Lindsay Shearer & Will Robins have over 30 combined years of SEO, Traffic Generation, Online Marketing & Funnel Building Experience that they share with you in this bad-ass show Marketing Funnel Breakdown. This show is for...

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Episode 2: The #1 Tool for business that Will Change Your Life FOR GOOD.

Episode 2: The #1 Tool that will change your online business and your life FOR GOOD.  Words Sell, People Relate, Stories Convert. This #1 tool for business growth has changed our businesses and that of our clients to help them generate massive traffic with MUCH LESS STRESS. This step in the business development process is...

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Episode 3 Website Development

  How to Create and Brand Your Website to Be a Million Dollar Funnel Machine There are a lot of ways to create a million dollar website. Many people are reportedly eBay millionaires. Majority of them make a full time living. Creating a website like Facebook or Pinterest make you a billionaire. Read on to...

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Episode 4: Creating Massive Website Conversions

 What to include in your website to generate massive lead conversions! The capture of web traffic is one of the pillars of online marketing since it is assumed that the higher the volume of visitors to a website, the greater its profitability. However, the most convenient measure to analyze the profitability of your online...

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Episode 5: Lead Capture

 How to Set Up Your Funnel & Website for 10x More Conversions Online There are a few key things to consider when creating a lead capture page. You shouldn’t use your company or yourself when creating a lead capture page. It is created for you to collect information that builds your list. You want...

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Episode 6: Lead Capture Software

How to Maximize Your Lead Capture & Make Money on AutoPilot A lead capture page is designed to collect a prospect name and email address by offering them something of value such as a newsletter or something they desire. It is basically a website that does not sell a product but only provides a brief...

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