Marketing Funnel Breakdown with Lindsay Shearer & Will Robins

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Lindsay Shearer of Marketing Funnel Breakdown

Lindsay Shearer

Show Host

Lindsay Shearer is the Amazon Best Selling Author of the hit Book, Amplified Ambition which molds together Personal Development, Business Creation, Motivation, and New Covenant Entrepreneurship. She is an International business owner, online marketing business coach, and keynote/workshop speaker. A former mergers and acquisitions executive and serial entrepreneur, Lindsay knows from personal experience what it takes to build and grow a successful business.

She started two successful Podcast/YouTube shows- Kingdom Amplified with Lindsay Shearer, as well as Marketing Funnel Breakdown with Lindsay Shearer & Will Robins. Both share strategies for building your online business and your faith. She’s founded some killer programs including Amplified Best Seller to write a book in 30 Days, and Pinterest 4 Profit to entrepreneurs crush new business strategy on traffic growth. Lindsay’s proven & easy-to-follow strategies have propelled thousands of people into more fulfilling lives by creating and skyrocketing online businesses with faith. 

She specializes in Dominating Online Traffic Generation, Christians in Business, Branding, Building and Scaling Online Businesses. Lindsay has been a featured expert on the Dr. Oz Sharecare Program, CEO University, and has worked with many companies including the San Diego Chargers, Fox Sports San Diego, Sharp Memorial Hospital and many more. Connect with Lindsay in her killer community of Christian Entrepreneurs who are moving and shaking the world and expanding the Kingdom called Kingdom Amplified Connect.

Will Robins

Show Host
Will Robins is a remote Growth and SEO expert. Will also founded & runs an Arkansas based content creation company called ContentHow. Will and his team at Content HOW focus on creating a complete sales generation machine for businesses. Everything from copywriting, consulting, to email automation and sales funnels. Content HOW helps businesses generate more customers, revenue, and content. Will is also the Organic Marketing Director for some Larger brands including Manscaped & Windows USA. He is also the founder of a number of publication & online journal sites including & 

Clickfunnels, Russell Brunson, and the entire “family” are a big factor to Will’s success. He spends a lot of time funnel hacking and studying creative ways to build massive list. This is why he started blogging here. He wants to help everyone that he can. Will has also been a writer for Search Engine Journal for 2 years.

Will’s detailed style of technical writing helps readers understand complex solutions. He focuses on the play by play of the solution while understanding the root causation of the problem.

When Will is not busy writing, studying, or working on projects he coaches basketball at a private school in Arkansas. He spends his extra time with his wife and two kids. He Loves sports, food, and reading.
Will Robins of Marketing Funnel Breakdown


Marketing Funnel Breakdown was birthed out of a 30 year passion for online marketing, SEO, traffic generation and an absolute love and obsession with marketing funnels.  Will Robins & Lindsay Shearer became great friends working on a YouTube Optimization project and realized their mutual love of all things marketing funnel. They decided to share their love for online marketing and the skills they’ve learned over the years with a larger audience so they could avoid the pitfalls and not go broke doing online marketing.

The BIG GOAL of the show is to help you as the entrepreneur live out your dreams online while having the impact and income you want. We know you have to wear a lot of hats as an entrepreneur. It’s our goal to teach you the best of the best that we have learned so you can:

  • Save Money
  • Save Time
  • Make More Money
  • Make a Massive Impact in the World
  • Have More Freedom!
  • Enjoy Your Life Your Time & Your Priorities Your Way
Marketing Funnel Breakdown with Lindsay Shearer & Will Robins

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Marketing Funnel Breakdown with Lindsay Shearer & Will Robins

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